new plugin inclusion causes stop working other functionality of javascript

Problem :

I have included new feature in website with new jquery plugin but after it cases stop working other functionality of  javascript 😦

Solution :

In most cases you may including  jquery double time and that cases errors.

Make sure you have not including jQury lib another time when including plugin files.




Problem :  EXC_BAD_ACCESS but can not identify from where it comes. 😦

Solution :

Open project in xcode.

-> Groups & Files goto  Executables -> double click on active executable -> Select Arguments tab -> Add environment variable  with Name  “NSZombieEnabled” Vaule “YES” and don’t forget to check checkbox.

Now Deboug application and you will get exact line on which error comes.

After debugging remove this environment variable or uncheck it.

Have a happy debugging 🙂


website url

Multiplayer first-person shooter game.

Nice one, really grate fun with this game. Me and my friends love a lot.

I like deathmatch and keep flag the most.

This game is available in all platforms and Its free…

Enjoy… 🙂

iphone memory leak with navBar

Problem: User can set different themes on Iphone app so, nav bar tint color need to change as per new themes.
but always get memory leak at following statements.

self.navigationController.navigationBar.tintColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:19/255.0 green:140/255.0 blue:130/255.0 alpha:1.0];
Leak appears when using ios 4.3.
Tried with 4.2 and wonder 🙂 no leaks.

conclusion: neglects UICOLOR leaks in ios 4.3

XAMPP for windows 7 apache not working

Problem :

I wonder as Xampp working fine for me for long period of  time but today apache not working 😦

Solution : 

I search on net and I found That

You have other software, such as the Internet Telephone “Skype” which also blocks the port 80. If the problem is “Skype”, you can:
Go in Skype to Actions –> Options –> Connection –> remove the check mark at “use port 80 for an alternate port” and restart Skype. Now it should work.

Finally it works 🙂

Refrence URL :

As I always not logged  into skype but today I Logged in. It causes issue But finally issue was solved.


Finally decided to become blogger.

This blog contains mostly technically topics.

No Idea what to write next but I am sure about blogging.