Sequel Pro (MySql client for mac OS)

Sequeal pro is one of the best mysql client for mac. Recently after updating mysql workbench it stopped working. I searched for alternative and found one of the best free mysql client.  it’s worth giving a try.


MySQL database best practice of choosing data types during database design

Below is list of prefered database types with lengths:

Email : varchar(254)

Domain: varchar(254)

Password: char(32)


Financial Data : decimal(10,2)

Latitude: decimal(10,8)

Longitude: decimal(11,8)

Please write comment in case above information is incorrect. Please also share more fields in comment and I will update them here. This will help newbie developer.


Google API to get latitude longitude from address

Here is PHP code to get latitude longitude form Address.

$address = "Put Your Address Here";
$prepAddr = str_replace(' ','+',$address);
$geocode = file_get_contents(''.$prepAddr.'&sensor=false');
$output = json_decode($geocode , true);
if ($output['status'] == 'OK') {
	$latitude = $output['results'][0]['geometry']['location']['lat'];
	$longitude = $output['results'][0]['geometry']['location']['lng'];

source :

Mysql order varchar column like Excel

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `varchar_order_by` (
  `text` varchar(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  PRIMARY KEY (`text`)

INSERT INTO `varchar_order_by` (`text`) VALUES

Mysql Query

select text regexp '[a-zA-Z\s]' ,
text + 0 ,
text regexp '[a-zA-Z\s]' AND text + 0,
text from varchar_order_by
order by
text regexp '[a-zA-Z\s]' asc,
text regexp '[a-zA-Z\s]' AND text + 0 desc,
text + 0 asc,
text asc