Every software we use daily has software version and we should also give version number to software we develop everyday.

The simplest one is Semantic Versioning.(

Give software version no in form of MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH

  1. MAJOR: Increment it on every major  release
  2. MINOR: increment it on every new feature introduction
  3. PATCH: increment it in every bug fixes or small changes

Here is one example :

  • When you start developing any software give it 0.0.1
  • when you introduce any new feature/module  change number to 0.1.0
  • when you add another module change number ot 0.2.0
  • When you made some changes/bug fixes change version to 0.2.1
  • Once software is ready for publish give it number 1.0.0

Query: When should I change software version number?
Answer: Every time you commit the code you should increment it.(obviously you should use source control systems)

Query: Where can I store it?
Answer: Put it anywhere in project. as Constant in code or version.txt or version.xml or version.json as you like


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