Add Custom Menu in admin area WordPress

Create file test.php and copy past following code inside.

put file in wodpress plugin directory

Plugin Name: Custom Admin Menus
Plugin URI:
Description: Simple demo of admin menus
Author: yogs174
Version: 1.0
Author URI:

add_action('admin_menu', 'yogs174_admin_menu_create');

function yogs174_admin_menu_create() {

	add_utility_page('Yogs174 Top', 'Yogs174 Top', 'manage_options', 'y174_top' , '', '', 81 );

	add_submenu_page('y174_top', 'One', 'One', 'manage_options', 'y174_top', 'y174_one_func');
	add_submenu_page('y174_top', 'Two', 'Two', 'manage_options', 'y174_two', 'y174_two_func');
	add_submenu_page('y174_top', 'three', 'three', 'manage_options', 'y174_three', 'y174_three_fun');

function y174_one_func() {
	echo "Admin One";

function y174_two_func() {
	echo "Admin Two";

function y174_three_fun() {
	echo "Admin Three";


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