ColorFun Coloring Book

ColorFun : Coloring Book is a free Coloring book for kids.

More than 100 coloring pages for hours of finger painting fun for little ones!

ColorFun : Coloring Book is app full of colouring pages such as Alphabest, Animals, Vehicles, Birds etc. It is designed for everyone till age of 14. To develop a child’s sense of color, the development of intelligence, also to prevent addiction to violent games. This Kid friendly app contains multiple painting tools and colors to choose from allows your child to be creative.

This app contain following Categories:

• Alphabets
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Animals
• Sea Animals
• Birds
• Transport
• Kids Special

In ColorFun Children can also draw their own drawing. It brings a fun drawing and photo editing experience to anyone who wants to be creative, regardless of skill level. Draw everything that you want and then share your
masterpieces with friends . Save your pictures to watch later.



Match It – Fun Learning Game

Match it is a fun educational game for kids. This app has been developed to improve Visual Spatial Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Cognitive Skills and confidence through activities such as identifying pictures, words, letters of the alphabet, colours, animals, vehicle names and much more.

Match it uses colourful designs, pictures and sounds to make it fun and interactive. On this app, kids can play matching games involving colours, shapes, animals etc. and with touch and trace, it’s simple and easy to use!

its all there and its fun to do with beautiful images. After completing all the matches, the child receives star ratings, applause and awards for certain achievements.

How to play:
Just draw line between two images and the correct match will be connected with the line.

App Features:
• A simple and easy to understand game.
• Listen to the words by clicking object
• Images keep changing to extend the learning and keep the child interested.
• Interactive designs and sounds to make playing fun!
• Rewards achievements the more times you play
• Receive a ‘Star’ after a level has been completed
• Really helpful for learning Alphabets, Animals, Birds, Flowers, Shapes, Colours, Vehicles, Fruits, Vegetables

Do experience this app and be part of the fun learning play of your child first stage!!



Save Location GPS

Save current Location – The app name says it all to explain the app!

Saving Location is valuable, as it represents the journey of your through time and space. We are using GPS to provide you exact location you want.

Suppose you are visiting friend or families home first time and you want to store exact location. So just open the app it will show you all detail of location based on GPS. Just click on save location, It will store date time as well. So even you can remember that when you visited this place last time.

Just Imagine you are travelling some places and you found some amazing place to eat or some unusual place to visit one more time so you can store such location and visit them next time.

– In save location screen you can set title and address.
– In list you can share your places.
– You can also navigate to places.
– You can edit/delete places.

You can login into app and save your data to server so incase you lost your mobile or something happen to your phone you can retrieve all your location in another phone

Android :

iOS :

Puzzle Game For Kids

Make your kids happy while having them practice their shapes, problem solving, and hand eye coordination! Puzzles cover a huge range of options, including Alphabets, Fruits, Vegetables, Transport, Animals, Flowers and many more.

Perfect for children, toddlers, kids, and students who need a fun and entertaining educational game to play. Keep your preschool and kindergarten age child entertained while they are learning!

App Features:

• Simple & intuitive child-friendly interface
• High-quality graphics
• Sweet background music, Amzing sounds on events
• Drag & drop animations
• Game process is natural and was designed for toddlers
• All most popular vehicles are represented in the game
• Different puzzle background
• Three different puzzle mode with increasing difficulty levels

Do experience this app and be part of the fun learning play of your child !!

Android :

iOS :

Rundeck Gmail SMTP

To configure Rundeck to allow e-mail notifications you must need to use .groovy file for configuration.


dataSource.dbCreate = "update"
dataSource.url = "jdbc:h2:file:/var/lib/rundeck/data/rundeckdb;MVCC=true;TRACE_LEVEL_FILE=4"
grails {
  mail {
        host = ""
        username = "************"
        port = 587
        password = "*********"
        props = ["mail.smtp.starttls.enable":"true","mail.smtp.auth":"true","mail.smtp.socketFactory.port":"587","mail.smtp.socketFactory.fallback":"false"]